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Rock the boat gently


William Briggs Whitaker


                                                     Can a Hoosier be a sailor I often wondered as a boy

Can a small town kid with a wandering soul really know the ocean抯 joy

Or is it eight to five and a two-hour drive back to my neighbor抯 fence

It took thirty-five years of struggling, thank God I had good sense

Crown Point is really a cute little town up near Lake Michigan抯 shore

It served me well through high school but still I wanted more

Don抰 get me wrong though I抦 long gone I still love her from my heart

But like an Indy driver I was eager for the race to start



But what to do ... I didn抰 know ... all I had were dreams

of sailboats and bikinis and songs with Hawaiian themes

Lake Michigan抯 beach was within close reach; that抯 all I really knew

But I suppressed my wandering weed, there was work to do

So before I began to live my dreams and take control of my given days,

I hustled off to the college life and into the establishment抯 ways

To old I. U. and Wharton too, my education was complete

But I wouldn抰 really learn a thing until I hit the street



Ford was my first employer in their River Rouge steel mill

But when I saw them pollute the river well, I couldn抰 fill the bill

Now let me think, yes it was Flint Ink where next I spent my days

Served three and a half years filling-out forms inside an office maze

But Michigan just wasn抰 it, not what I was looking for

It hit me one day in a traffic jam as I listened to a diesel抯 roar

Trucks and cars and country club bars in a suit with a fancy vest

Horace Greeley started calling me; I resigned and headed West



We moved to California, and "who is we," you say

Oh a lovely wife named Judy who I lost along the way

It抯 really true what I say to you it was 100% my fault

And a picture of her smiling face stays locked in my memory vault

I worked in San Francisco beneath her sparkling hills

though it was across the bay in Oakland where we lived and paid our bills

But I knew at night that it wasn抰 right, the way life rolled-on by

So I抎 fix another highball and stare into the sky



And then my life began to churn as the future closed-in on me

I found my only refuge in the freedom of the sea

His name was Jack as I think back, the man who changed my life

He turned me onto sailing just before I left my wife

With two little girls it can break your heart to have to walk away

It chokes you up and tears your eyes and there抯 nothing you can say

Inside you know that for love to grow you need more than just a seed

and the love in our distraught family fell victim to the wandering weed



A wandering weed that tugged at me and drew me to the sea

As it strangled and encompassed, it refused to set me free

My workday chores became real bores, as I抎 slip down to the boat,

back when Agnew was vice president and Nixon still could gloat

A wandering weed that had grown in me from the days of a little boy

It had made my life a nightmare, instead of one of joy

It clutched at me to set me free as I moved from job to job

And before I knew it I hit the street, landing with a sob



And I continued to churn away inside to learn what had gone wrong

What happened to America, why are we killing Vietcong

Oh I knew there was more to the nasty war than ever we抎 be told

It was just that I was restless, I抎 turned thirty ... getting old

The wandering weed within my soul started reaching 憆ound my mind

I had to make peace with my wandering thoughts, our future was entwined

With money low, a divorce you know, I needed to think of work

but the wandering weed that gripped my mind wanted me to go berserk



As time rolled-on I sailed more and more, selling real estate by day

Oh, the memory of our parties out on San Francisco Bay

My partner Jim ... you don抰 know him; he was a wild and crazy man

yet when it came to business he was the leader of the band

But when it came to sailing, I抦 afraid I led the group

of Oakland抯 famous pirates, a merry little troop

There was Sandwich Sue, Double Boober too; Bob & Chris were in the clan

And Shorts and Jack and wild man Conn, topped-off by Chesty Chan



                                                  Ah the stories would amaze you of the funny things we did

But as I look back on those distant days I think I抣l keep em?hid

A bit wild to put it mild but I might go back some day

and sail again with my pirate friends out on San Francisco Bay

One foggy morn I turned thirty-five; it was time to look within

to study all the errors and where my life had been

The vagabond seed - my wandering weed - started to smother me

It pulled and tripped and strangled as it drew me to the sea



I just couldn抰 handle land anymore, too much hypocrisy

Yet I was selling real estate; I抦 not too smart you see

When Nixon lied my confidence died; he抎 sunk our ship of state

But life was inching forward to link me with my fate

Bill Scranton had been governor the warm and balmy day

I抎 graduated from the Wharton School with my hard fought MBA

He gave the charge to a class quite large to go out and seek our star

And now that I抎 turned thirty-five, well, I抎 not traveled very far



As a sailor selling real estate, I hadn抰 done too well

Six months after startin?the market had gone to hell

But my partner Jim, you remember him, well, he sold a castle proud

And that left just enough money to keep-up with the crowd

Then one day I made a deal, a deal with the wandering weed

I抎 surrender to him while yet thirty-five; I had l0 months to succeed

Then I抎 follow him, be it sink or swim, out into the sea

That was my deal with the wandering weed and that his deal with me



The wandering weed within my soul withdrew into his shell

In his little seed pod cavity he tucked away quite well

The change in me was plain to see; I was free of the clinging vine

There was a battle to be fought and a victory to be mine

So I went to work and hatched a plan, a crazy one I guess

but when it came to selling real estate we weren抰 like all the rest

Had we joined the board, oh no, my Lord, such would never please

Too many of its members had the money love disease



                                                   The money love disease is sad; it抯 worse than a leper抯 fate

And those who wallow in its slime tarnish the image of real estate

They lie and cheat at a steady beat all in the name of greed

Such was not for my partner Jim nor I and the wandering weed

There was a lot of anger churning as I planned-out what to do

A gift for overtaxed homeowners, something to see them through

Down at city hall they had a ball spending our hard-earned money

But down the street at Brigantine Sales we didn抰 think it funny



It抯 wrong, I said to Jim one day, the way they run the show

They sit in their fancy offices and siphon-off the dough

Then they create a plan to save the land and raise the rate some more

Here抯 where I抣l fight my battle and here抯 where I抣l wage my war

Jim and I were close you see like a surfboard and its wax

and even Jim thought it a little nuts to battle the property tax

But if I were right and could win the fight there抎 be ample reward for me

for then I抎 shake hands with the wandering weed and sail across the sea



But first I had to lead a fight against the tax-eating men

and the deal I抎 made with the wandering weed made me plunge right in

I took a vow ... it seems silly now as years of anger took vent

It would be over my dead body that Oakland抯 tax rate go up one cent

But what to do ... I didn抰 know ... all I had were dreams

of sailboats and bikinis and songs with Hawaiian themes

Down at city hall, a structure tall with eagles looking down

That抯 where to lead my battle, I decided with a frown



A frown caused by frustration at the body politic

Vietnam and Watergate were enough to make me sick

But I抎 sneak right in and battle them behind the establishment抯 door

Little did I know that I抎 soon be dead, a scream in the ocean抯 roar

So I jumped right in and wrote a speech, a speech for city hall

I got placed on the agenda, in eight days, if I recall

But I抎 not live to ever give the speech I wrote that night

for the very next day I抎 know death itself and see the ocean抯 light



The wandering weed still had his day but only one day per week

On Thursdays we went sailing where in private we could speak

Just my friends and I under a sunny sky as we抎 sail across the bay

and the wandering weed within my heart could bask for another day

And such was the day that we set sail out into the bay

Two friends and I and the wandering weed who had nothin?much to say

There was something wrong as we sailed along; I could feel it in the air

That抯 when I turned to speak to the weed and saw a worrisome stare



Our boat sailed along, I didn抰 know about our coming fate

We came about and raised more sail as we slipped beneath the gate

With an ocean blue and sunshine too we sailed into the sea

Two friends, a weed and I on a voyage through destiny

Now unless you know the ocean it抯 hard to pin the spot

I knew the local waters though I抎 not sailed there a lot

The noonday light with its rays so bright shone through an azure sky

We hugged the Marin County coastline and time just glided by



Then all of a sudden the sea rose up and plunged into a breaker

The instant that I saw it I knew I抎 met my maker

With a banshee抯 howl and a tiger抯 growl it roared across our wake

The monstrous wave was fifty feet high I might add, for purity抯 sake

Well the second breaker got us when it lifted up our stern

I抳e got you now, declared the mighty sea and there抯 a lesson to be learned

Who抯 the crew you抳e brought with you she asked the wandering weed

I see you brought three candidates - which one gets the seed



By now our boat stood on its bow as we raced down the monstrous wave

The wandering weed leaped free as we plunged toward a cold wet grave

Take your choice cried the weed抯 small voice, from the three you get to choose

But I already knew by the way he jumped that we were all about to lose

And then the wave encompassed me as I grabbed a futile breath

I got snarled-up in the rigging; I抎 soon breath a liquid death

But the mighty wave my life did save when it pulled me to its womb

and there on his locker sat Davy Jones across the watery room



                                              Well look at you he smiled at me; I wondered when you抎 come

I抳e been tugging at you for several years but you抮e always on the run

That wandering weed is my friend indeed; he brought you safe to me

And now if you want to bargain, I抣l speak for the sea

Yes look at you, he said again as he spied my quivering hand

What makes you think you抮e fit for the sea; what have you done on land

Do you still pollute and wear a suit while the ocean goes on dying

The mighty whales are almost gone; can抰 you hear their crying



Those of you who live on land would destroy the mighty sea

with your oil spills and pollution, what抯 wrong with humanity

Well I抣l tell you a thing or two from the maker of us all,

You抮e gonna lose this lovely planet if you don抰 get on the ball

Look at the way they kill our whales, the Russians and Japanese

Even it takes a boycott they must be brought down to their knees

The human race is quite a disgrace and they抮e headed for Judgment Day

But it looks like yours is here right now - so what have you got to say



I love the sea, was my opener and I quit once over pollution

What is it that you want from me, what price is absolution

My mind was red; I near dropped dead, a father抯 words to his son

If you抮e gonna rock the boat lad, do so gently ... you son of a gun

So I held my breath and waited for Jones to make another remark,

as we raced along with the monstrous wave inside his magic ark

Then I soon learned as he abruptly turned that he had a deal in mind

I hear you抮e in a tax fight not to mention your present bind



If I help you out of your present fix and place you back on the sea,

would you remember this fateful day and someday give aid to me

I抣l relieve your strife and spare your life; I抣l release you from my jail

and what I want in return from you is to share my love of the whales

What you must do is spread the word so all the world will know,

that it抯 a sin to pollute the ocean and disrupt its natural flow

The eternal sea gave birth to thee; we all come from one source

Once you抳e destroyed the ocean抯 whales you抳e altered nature抯 course



                                        With that he stood and walked over to me; then he hoisted a bottle of rum

Next he produced a pearl handled knife and sliced each of our thumbs

With a proper toast my famous host mixed his blood with mine

and then we drank and dripped that blood till the decks ran with our wine

The next thing I knew I was back in the sea, though I should say that carefully

for the man who swam the towering waves was a brand new man to me

Jones kept the weed but I had a new seed, a blossoming love for the whales

And there but fifty yards away was our boat down to the rails



While I抎 been busy with Davy Jones my friends rode in the sea

The boat had done a pitch pole but now was floating free

I let out a roar ... back to shore; I抳e got work to do

And Davy laughed beneath the deep; oh I swear that this is true

While Davy worked some magic I paddled like an eager pup

He leveled out that raging sea but don抰 repeat it - they抣l lock you up

Then with a roar he amazed me more when he beckoned a coast guard boat,

searching the ocean for some other men whose bodies would nae again float



I was given the life of another man, a man who died at sea

And two days after rescuing us the coast guard found his debris

A fishing boat, no longer afloat had sunk with the poor man抯 bones

and now he rests in the briny deep a dealin?with Davy Jones

Of course the tax fight meant even more to a man with a driving passion

and those who were my closest friends thought I抎 gone nuts after a fashion

But I抎 returned, some lessons learned, from a voyage through destiny

and now I抎 been given a second chance, a chance for victory



A new man strolled into city hall that night to give a speech

and he had the blood of Davy Jones who was listening within reach

But not for the whales did he stand at the rail with notes in either hand

This was the night to battle the tax and finish the work on land

Well I spoke that night and raised holy hell as Davy laughed in my ear

Some of the councilmen squirmed in their seats; some had a look of fear

Then the mayor frowned banging his gavel down as the gallery began to roar

I was speaking fightin?words and they were ready to join my war



                                        The war was short as history goes; the councilmen changed their minds

They抎 planned to boost the rate four cents but a victory was finally mine

Well I rested a while, then with a smile I entered our office one day

I grabbed some mementos, said good bye to Jim and then I sailed away

But where to go ... I didn抰 know ... all I had were dreams

of sailboats and bikinis and songs with Hawaiian themes

You guessed the rest, I sailed Southwest and now all I do is sail

and write a little poetry all for a love of the whales


                                                                                                                  Rock the boat gently,



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