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Memories of Clark Station

The following is local history contributed by Paul Estock, who fondly remembers Clark Station, a part of Gary, Indiana, just north of Brunswick.  We appreciate Mr. Estock's sharing his memories with us and others on this site.  

If you, too, have information that you would like to have preserved on and would like to share with others in this region, please feel free to send us the information so that we might post it.  Local history information can be directed to .

I attended the Clark Station grade school from 1936 to 1940.  It was a two room school, but due to the low attendance, only one room was used at a time.  The wonderful, red-headed teacher we had was Zelma Heir.  There were five rows of seats - a row for each grade - first through fifth.  It was a typical (I suppose) rural school of the early 1900's:  a flag pole in front; a pump for ice cold water nearby; a large entrance room, with a wooden shelf on either side, with ivory soap and wash pans for us to wash our hands; and a cloak room on either side, girls on one side, boys on the other.  The room was heated by a large, wood and coal burning space heating type furnace.  There were two small, neighborhood grocery stores in this small village: Schroyer's and Binko's. (I'm not sure of the spelling, so I have written a phonetic spelling.)  We used to be able to hike straight north on Clark Road up to Lake Michigan and enjoy the beautifully clear waters of the lake in that area, until the steel mill grew and took it over.  

Clark Station is just North of Brunswick, taking Clark Road north, across Route 12 (the Industrial Highway we used to call it) and across the Grand Calumet River.