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Photo Gallery

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ph_seagull.jpg (10857 bytes) ph_skyline.jpg (11048 bytes) 3penny_opera.jpg (34100 bytes)
Seagull on the beach at Dunes State Park

Submitted by John Moloney from Porter Co.
Chicago skyline and big waves on Lake Michigan from the Dunes State Park beach

Submitted by John Moloney from Porter Co.
Chicago Street Theatre's production of Three Penny Opera.  L-R Polly, Pirate Jenny, and Lucy are  Elizabeth Weiss, Kari Anne Innes, and Laurie Schmidt.
drum_pipe.jpg (63459 bytes) drum_uniform.jpg (31662 bytes) bpw.jpg (112066 bytes) Valparaiso Play
Northwest Indiana Pipes and Drums, Valparaiso Bagpipe Band Bill Smillie in Scottish Military Tartan - native of Scotland and Pipe Major for NWIN Pipes and Drums. Corporate Sponsors and Scholarship Recipients honored by Lakeshore BPW "Sisters" K. Bjorkland-Cozza, P. Spillers, D. Blanchard in CTG's production of "The Memory of Water"
Porter County Courthouse Miller Sunset Click to view larger image. Click to view larger image.
Valparaiso's old Porter County Courthouse
submitted by
Gabrielle D. Goodman
Sunset at Miller,
submitted by
Gabrielle D. Goodman
Eddie Chappell Sextet at Chicago Street Theatre (Valparaiso)  African American Weekend - Jazz Band performance at Chicago Street Theatre (Valparaiso) 
The Seventh Monarch malefemale_cardinal.jpg (199557 bytes) male_cardinal.jpg (192046 bytes) mcshanes1.jpg (24773 bytes)
Dona Henry as Raina and Sheri Nash-Braun as Miriam in "The Seventh Monarch"

submitted by
Chicago Street Theatre of Valpariaso
Two cardinals that frequent our front picture window and are totally intrigued with their reflection in the glass. 

Neil MacPherson 
I snapped these beautiful birds watching themselves in the window. 

Neil MacPherson 
Representatives from Rise" Expo, and the computer donated for the event.

submitted by S. Baxter 
contrib_bridge1.jpg (53369 bytes) Trees1.jpg (108708 bytes) photo_crew.jpg (34083 bytes) play1.jpg (34695 bytes)
Winter scene of Grand Kankakee Marsh 

submitted by Madmac
Trees at Dunes State Park.  Photo taken winter 2000.  

submitted by Mike 
All the kids standing on the bleachers, East Chicago Brian Sherwinski & Tim Gleason in Chicago Street Theater's (Valparaiso) production of Never the Sinner.
First Beach Trip (Dunes State Park)

submitted by Lynn, Amy, Max and Mia Bauer

AJ (6 years old) at the park off of the Duneland Bike Trail.

submitted by Allison and Andy Guenther 
Kyle on Halloween! He is 15 months old!

submitted by Allison and Andy Guenther
Max and Mia 

Submitted by Lynn, Amy, Max and Mia Bauer

millerBeachHouse.JPG (46303 bytes) MillerBeachUmbr.JPG (39923 bytes) miller_bldg.JPG (60719 bytes) MillerDune.JPG (35679 bytes)
The Beach House at Miller 

submitted by D. B. 
Scene from Miller Beach

submitted by D. B.
Downtown Miller, Indiana

submitted by D. B.
Dunes at Miller Beach, Lake Michigan 

submitted by D. B.
chgosky.jpg (182086 bytes) chgosnset.jpg (120119 bytes) chgowtgpk.jpg (291464 bytes) wpeF.jpg (9121 bytes)
View from Whiting Park/Whihala Park. The background includes the Chicago skyline as seen from this location.

submitted by Mike Aborgetti
Chicago skyline as seen from Whiting Park/Whihala Park. 

submitted by Mike Aborgetti
Summer scene at Park. with the Chicago skyline in the background. 

submitted by Mike Aborgetti
Samantha and Allie wait in line for the
Dinojump playground at Taste of Crown Point. 
wpe1D.jpg (46983 bytes) wpe13.jpg (81423 bytes) wpe20.jpg (70818 bytes) wpe27.jpg (107059 bytes)
Blue Angels at Gary Airport 
submitted by Buzz
Spectators at Gary Airport for Chicago Water & Air Show
submitted by Buzz 
One of the Historic Gary Firehouses 

submitted by Buzz
Methodist Hospital - Northlake Campus 

submitted by Buzz
radupt6_op.jpg (75523 bytes)

wpe7.jpg (20182 bytes)

wpeF.jpg (17524 bytes) wpeB.jpg (21571 bytes)
Radu Irimescu - 1st Place for the Men's 55+ Post-Tribune Northwest Indiana 2000 Tennis Classic  Vicki, Ben and Jeff Fravel on sand hill at Inland Manor Church, Gary ('67) Ben Fravel climbing Mt. Baldy 
Bobby Coulter digging in sand at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Beach

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