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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
Alberto's Mexican Restaurant - 
Go Early, Eat Lots

I have a feeling this is one of the rarely visited Mexican Restaurants in Lake County, Indiana, but I'm going to recommend that it be a bit more frequented.  I found it to be a unique place, with truly good food, and a great potential of becoming a more popular restaurant. 

I'm speaking of Alberto's Mexican Restaurant in historic downtown Hammond, Indiana, on Hohman Avenue.  The exterior of the building is recognizable by its cornered face on the northeast side of the block.  The interior is somewhat pleasant, not your newest Mexican restaurant in the county, but it does well in providing a festive decor.
The food was impressive in its authenticity and still maintaining a general appeal to the masses.  Some Mexican restaurants tend to be a bit too compliant in appealing to those who would more likely dip their nachos into catsup than into salsa.  I always wonder why these people even go to Mexican restaurants, and am pleased to give credit to Mexican restaurants such as Alberto's for appealing to those who do appreciate Mexican menus.
The salsa at Alberto's was some of the best I'd had in a few months, and I am almost constantly dining at Mexican restaurants.  I'm a fan of lots of cilantro in salsa, and Alberto's met my expectations.
My dining partner had the enchilada dinner (with rice and beans) for under $7.  He was satisfied both palate-wise and stomach-wise.   I had the tampinquena de pollo for $10.9,5 which included rice, beans and soup or salad.  The main course was terrific, and the chicken vegetable soup had a definite homemade quality to it, very nice.  Also ask about their tripe soup, though it wasn't available at the time/day that I was there.
If you're looking somewhere new for an evening out and an enjoyable place to relax with some friends, I do believe you will appreciate Alberto's.  It may not be the best destination for a first date, but for cases other than that, it's a fine bet. 
A negative to look out for is that this restaurant doesn't stay open as late as others do, so be sure to dine a bit earlier than you might have otherwise.  I was there on a Friday night, when it was scheduled to close at 8:00 p.m.  

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