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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
Bronko's - Hey, It's Pizza
Seems everybody in Crown Point loves Bronko's pizza.  So many times when my family and I ask friends where they would like to meet for dinner, they immediately say Bronko's.  And this office is certainly known to get Bronko's pizza for takeout at a minimum of ...hmm, let's say... two times a month.
Bronko's not only has pizza, it also has a fairly full menu of sandwiches, soups, and other lunch- and dinner-type fare.  But I really have to focus on the pizza with this review.  It's what I've mostly consumed from the restaurant by far and what the place is definitely known for best.
Bronko's Pizza has a nice mix of sauce, just-right crust, and good toppings.  Hey, it's pizza.  It's good. 
But there's one thing Bronko's pizza doesn't come with: serving utensil.  We asked our server for one, but we were told that they were not able to provide them anymore since they kept getting stolen.  I couldn't even think of a response.  The comment jolted me back to episodes of stealing salt shakers and ashtrays with my high school friends on our lunch hour.  You know, when I came to eat at Bronko's that night, I really didn't plan on swiping their spatulas.
Okay, time for my typical stuff.  If you've read any of my other reviews on this site, you'll know that I can rarely resist the calling of commenting on a restaurant's decor.  The decor for Bronko's?  Here goes...  Bronko's qualifies as one of those local places that everyone thinks is great, and apparently they think they're doing somewhere between great and just fine.  Why are these places unable to take an objective look at the way their restaurant buildings look?  I know that sometimes appearances are not important when it comes to dining (Am I really convincing myself here?  You're right, probably not.) and that improving and maintaining the aesthetics of a restaurant are costly.  Still, I think that some surface changes can be made for the better.  For example:  take down the battered swinging saloon doors to the entrance of the bar section, refill the soap dispenser rather than offering your own squeeze bottle soap from home, fix the bathroom doors, update the walls and their accoutrements.  
But, I know... stick to the pizza.  Again, I say, It's pizza, It's good.  Yet if I were to represent the majority of people who dine in the Crown Point, Indiana area, I would have to say it's revered as the best pizza in town.  People really like Bronko's.  
Still, I don't think it would hurt Bronko's restaurant to do a bit of splurging on the appearances of the restaurant, or heck, maybe some serving utensils for its customers.
Bronko's is located in the Jewel shopping center on North Main Street in Crown Point, Indiana.

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