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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
BW-3 Strikes, You're Out!  
Maybe I'm a glutton for culinary punishment, but I keep coming back to BW-3.  I've now dined at both the Merrillville (on Route 30) and the Schererville location (on Route 41).  Maybe I keep returning because the restaurants do make for a fun atmosphere to get together with friends.  The Merrillville location, and I believe possibly the Schererville, even has an outdoor dining section which makes for an ideal summer eating setting.  
But on to the food.  Let me walk you through the dining experiences I had on three occasions at BW-3.
First was a fajita ($5.99), or so it is called on the menu.  To me it was like three soft-shelled, pre-made tacos.  There were no saut閑d vegetables served on a sizzling platter here.  In fact, the onions and green peppers were uncooked, just cut - not what I consider to be a fajita.  My husband and I asked the waitress about the "unfajitaness" of the "fajita."  She explained to us that this is not a Mexican restaurant.  Well, Applebee's and T. G. I. Friday's are nowhere near Mexican restaurants, but they certainly serve items that much more closely resemble the dish. 
My second visit was for lunch.  It just seemed the ideal place to eat outdoors on a terrific-weather day.   I figured a BBQ pork sandwich would be sufficient to tide me over.  It did just that, but the presentation was certainly lacking.  It was about the equivalent of a sandwich from White Hen Pantry (with cellophane wrapping removed at least).  It was even served on a styrofoam plate.  (BW-3 doesn't trust its diners with metal silverware and breakable plates, I've learned.)  The sandwich tasted good, but for $3.99 and for a hip looking place like BW-3, I expect at least a pickle on the side or a bit of presentation with parsley maybe.  But hey, it filled me up, and the iced tea hit the spot.
Trip three:  What was I thinking.  I ordered Mexican again, the Ultimate Chili Nachos ($5.59).  In truth, I'm not sure if I can explain just what I didn't like about the nachos.  They "just didn't work."  They had a nice mix of meat, beans, veggies, sour cream, and all the other appropriate toppings, but it just didn't hit with me.  Maybe it was because the blue corn chips were soggy right off the bat.  That is one factor I can pin-point.  
I realize the wings are the specialty at BW-3, and I have heard accolades from friends on how good they are.  I, myself, am not a wings fan, but I did swipe a few from my friend's tub of 50 wings (Yes, 50!).  They seemed agreeable to me, enough for me to recommend them over any of the past selections I've made at the restaurant.
This is a rough review, I am aware.  But I did give the place three chances.  My vote is definitely "Out!"  I think BW-3 works better just as a bar - a fun place to get together with others for a drink (maybe a snack) but definitely only AFTER you have dined elsewhere.

The BW-3 menu and more information are available at

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