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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
El Amigo - 
Poor on the Eyes, Great on the Stomach 
El Amigo might not be the most attractive restaurant (evidence at the Schererville location:  old tables and chairs amongst a line of people picking up take-out orders; evidence at the Cedar Lake location:  permanent Mop & Glo streaks on the floor, roughly written posters featuring the day's specials; other locations:  I'm hoping there are other locations.), but you cannot beat the price and the authentic menu. 
My regular favorite is the pepper stuffed taco.  Let's say I have two of them with the complimentary chips and salsa.  Being a lightweight for food consumption, this is plenty to fill my belly.  Now the price for each pepper stuffed taco (you won't believe this): $1.40.  So, yes, for $2.80 I have had a good meal.
For those who might not get full with my regular favorite, I recommend the steak burrito.  I don't recall the price, but I feel safe in saying that the value is superb in relation to the amount of food you get with just this one item.  If you enjoy a hefty portion, get this and "eat up."   
For beverages, I recommend Jarritos.  If you haven't tried this Mexican soft drink, Jarritos has flavors such as pineapple, lime, and fruit punch.  Grapefruit is my favorite, which I know doesn't sound appetizing, but it is.  Besides the Jarrito tasting good, it makes a fun and fitting way to top off your Mexican lunch or dinner. 
If you're not impressed with the lack of ambiance at the El Amigo dining rooms, take out works well.  I'm willing to bet El Amigo will be one of your best values for take out dinner, with great taste to boot. 
Other menu recommendations:  skirt steak, guacamole and chips, and gordita.
The Cedar Lake El Amigo is located near Wilco grocery store on the north side of 133rd Avenue, and the Schererville El Amigo is located at 312 West Lincoln Highway (north side of Route 30).

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