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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant - 
Check Out What's New!

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant on Route 30 in Merrillville, Indiana  (938 West 81st Avenue) is a spot you've likely dined at before, and likely for its buffet.  Well things have changed at Great Wall.  I won't reveal all the specifics as to what has been changed, but there is a bit more seating and a new buffet layout.   You might want to check out what's new if it has been a while since you've "had the buffet."

Yes, the buffet is still available.  The menu offerings are as well, but who is going to opt for just one menu item when you can partake from a wider selection?  (I'm sure some people do order off the menu, but I'll list that as one of the mysteries of life.) 
When I dined at Great wall in January of 2001, there were items such as baked salmon, fried calamari, cocktail shrimp to select from in addition to your more typical fare for Chinese buffets.  Something that was definitely missing and oddly not present at the buffet was white rice.  At least my husband and I couldn't find it upon several trips back to the buffet.  And a favorite of mine over the years at Great Wall is their green beans.  (Don't tell my mother, please.)  But they too were missing from the offerings.  Those green beans are so terrific, I could honestly say they are the main reason I am a fan of Great Wall Chinese Restaurant.  I love them.  When I inquired about my missing favorite menu item, I was told that they were not available due to the "season."  If you are thinking, "Yuck, green beans!" you need to try these.  You too might become a fan.  And if you're trying to get your son or daughter to eat more green vegetables, Great Wall's buffet is the place to get them to eat at least these beans. 
There is something else to look forward to at this restaurant (or so a poster said on the January evening that I was at this restaurant): Mongolian BBQ is "Coming Soon."  That, and the hope of in-season green beans, will likely lure me back soon.
Negatives of Great Wall?  Let's see.  Besides the lack of white rice, and of course my missing favorite green beans (I know.  Enough already.), the phone was annoyingly ringing off the wall.  My dining partner said that it was an unfair mention to include in a restaurant review, but as you can see, I was annoyed enough to include it.  Next time I'm there, I'm going to sit at the north end of the building to be further away from the ringing phone, which is near the kitchen area and not at the front desk, and of course so I can be closer to the buffet for return trips to fill my plate.  I also find that the north end of the restaurant is warmer than the south end with its drafty-in-the-winter windows.  But now I'm just being way too revealing on how often I've had dinner at Great Wall.
So check out what is new at Great Wall.  Eat to your heart's content.  Keep an eye out for the Mongolian BBQ.   (And please let me know at when the green beans are back in season!)

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