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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
A Review of McDonald's?  
Yes, McDonald's 
I may not be the first to write a restaurant review of McDonald's, well... okay, so it doesn't happen too often.  But what can I say, my boss doesn't fit the bill for my restaurant review dinners.  So for me this week it was McDonald's.
The McD's restaurant I ate at most recently was in Lake County, and this was for lunch.  Actually, I had quite an entertaining time waiting in line for my meal.  I wasn't in too much of a hurry, so my time (which I'd approximate at 10 minutes) was spent laughing with others in line about how hideously slow the service was.  It was truly entertaining how the person at the register concentrated on every precise move.  We were all intrigued.
For the best value and stomach-filler, I recommend the 99 cent Double Cheese Burger.  I pride myself in being a cheap wad, so I am often dismayed at the grand total people can rack up at a fast food restaurant at times - easily $6 or more per person.  I see no need for that.  If I am going to pay $6 for lunch, I'd rather eat at a more "sit-down diner" in the area with a little more ambiance.
Mentioning ambiance causes me to hone in on one particular local McDonald's - the one on Main Street in Crown Point.  To me it borders on downright scary.  The hunting and trapping theme is really unappetizing.  Who wants to eat a burger while a skull-and-antlers wall display looks down at you, or while a collection of bear and beaver taps hovers over your table?  If you have never dined at the Crown Point Main Street McDonald's, I can imagine this might sound surreal.  And if you have eaten there, you'll likely agree that it is surreal.  I look forward to the day when the interior theme changes from something a little less Davey Crockett-ish.
A recommendation for you to try on your next visit to McDonald's:  French fries dipped in McD's hot mustard sauce, which is actually to accompany the Chicken McNuggets.  However, I've learned the mustard dip makes a better condiment for fries than does the catsup.
And something I've always wondered:  Why does the Coke at McDonald's taste different that Coke at other places?  (And I've found the Coke at the McDonalds just west of Lakes of the Four Seasons is even "more different" than others.  Anyone else noticed this?)
But I'll always, always go to McDonald's.  The Big Mac continues to be a favorite for me, and I never can resist staying away from McD's for more than a month.  What can I say, McDonald's is inevitable - slow service and dead animal skulls included.

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