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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
Sister C's - Goes Well with the Lake 
My first, and at this point only, trip to Sister C's in Cedar Lake was a great one.  And in truth, that experience may have been influenced by the way I "dined" at Sister C's.  Still, I want to share this "pizza night out" with you.  You might want to try it for a different weekend outing.
I am fortunate to have friends in Cedar Lake with a boat.  We had a great afternoon out on the lake - boating and eating Sister C's pizza.  Since Sister C's overlooks the lake on Lake Shore Drive, it's a great place to pull up dockside for  pizza-to-go or to take out for a last minute picnic to watch the sun set over the lake.
What impressed me most about the pizza we had were the mushrooms.  Maybe that is getting a bit carried away with just one topping on a whole pizza, but the mushrooms were excellent and left an impression.  I'm not sure if they were portabella mushrooms, but I'm guessing they were.  How nice when a restaurant makes an effort to purchase really good ingredients as opposed to the cheapest.
Sister C's employees were welcoming and helpful.  My friends and I appreciated them accommodating us with out boating/pizza excursion.  Who knows?  May Sister C's is more used to having boaters stop in for pizza than I initially thought.  
As for dining in the restaurant, I have yet to try that first hand.  But the dining area seemed spacious.  It's not the most impressive decor by all means, and the main window view of the lake is unfortunately obstructed by a Dairy Queen and a hair salon.  Still, for a night out for good pizza, Sister C's should prove worth the drive.  But again, I say "get it to go" and enjoy the lake up close if you can.

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