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Northwest Indiana Restaurant Review
Lunch at Valentino's - Because I'm Worth It 
Next time you and a friend are deciding where to get together for lunch, please consider Valentino's Cafe & Ice Cream Parlor.  I suppose I'm thinking more of the ladies in this instance, but I have had no problem dragging my husband and father to this neat little place either.  If you've got time for a spoil-yourself lunch, Valentino's is ideal.
Half of the fun is the atmosphere.  Valentino's is located in the best basement in the county - the Lake County Courthouse basement on the square in Crown Point.  At your table you will be surrounded by nostalgia - photos of legendary screen star Rudolph Valentino, who was married at the courthouse.  You can even see his marriage license to Winifred DeWolfe near the antique cash register.
As far as eats, menu options include a variety of sandwiches and quite a bit more.  There is Malibu Chicken Melt and Chicken Salad Croissant - most in the $4 - 5.50 range.  House specials include Salmon Burger, Southwestern Steak Sandwich, and Crispitos (which are quite popular with a couple of people I know.)  For a smaller cafe, Valentino's offers a wide menu.  It's likely you'll find something to suit your mood.
Being a hot summer day, I had the Tuna Salad Croissant ($5.15) which comes with chips and special sauce.  That is quite possibly the most I've ever paid for a tuna sandwich, but I suppose it was worth the experience.  This was a lunch with a friend who was new to the Crown Point area, and I still find Valentino's to be one of my favorite lunch spots to show a friend around town.
After eating, you can opt for ice cream.  In truth, I never have.  "Why?" is definitely a legitimate and logical question because the offerings sound extraordinary - possibly overwhelming.  For example:  "ALL NIGHT" a creation of chocolate, vanilla, & strawberry ice cream, topped w/ strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, & mixed nuts ($4.75).  
And then when you're really done eating, you and your friend can browse the equally quaint shops around town and elsewhere in the courthouse.  Valentino's is not your every day lunch spot, in my opinion.  Instead, it's an event.

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