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Notes from the
Northwest Indiana Traveler        

by Erin 
Read my "disclaimer"....

Northwest Indiana Traveler
at one of my favorite parks, in Michigan City, IN

I love to tour, scout, hike, drive, explore and more in Indiana.  Nearly every weekend my family and I are looking for some new place to venture in Northwest Indiana.   

What's so great about Northwest Indiana is that I'm usually able to find just what I'm looking for:  neat stuff to do!  I'm well aware of this area's great places to visit, and fortunately I continue to find places that my feet haven't plodded and my eyes haven't spied just yet. 

With all that said, my goal is to entertain you through the photos and descriptions of  my online tours.  Better yet, I hope to convince you to visit these places so that you can experience them with your own feet and eyes.  There really are some remarkable places to venture in Northwest Indiana.

Here are some online tours for your viewing.  Check them out, then put them on your To Do List of Fun!

"Washington Park at Michigan City:  A Sight for Your Eyes"

"A Day at Mt. Baldy:  What a View!"

"1933 World's Fair Homes in Beverly Shores, Indiana"

"Did You Know This Is in Gary/Miller?"

If you have questions or comments about Notes from Northwest Indiana Traveler, please contact .


Erin's Disclaimer:  I'm just a regular person sharing my adventures in Northwest Indiana.  I do my best to do my research and to provide a helpful and reliable resource to those visiting the area and to those who live in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties and want to take some fun, quick day-trips.  Therefore, I disclaim any responsibility for people getting lost while following my directions, people getting to the destination but the place is closed, weather  not being as impressive as my "fabulous" photography indicates, etc.  So please call ahead for specifics and make other such well-planned short trip steps.  But most of all, have fun in Northwest Indiana!