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Notes from the Northwest Indiana Traveler        <Back to Traveler Main Page
by Erin  Read my "disclaimer"...

Washington Park at Michigan City:  A Sight for Your Eyes

Michigan City Lighthouse
Click for larger view.

One of my favorite towns to visit in Northwest Indiana is Michigan City.  Here a person can always find something enjoyable to do.  There are great restaurants, galleries, views of Lake Michigan, shopping?  Oh, I'm not even going to start a list.  Believe me. Michigan City is a treat.

This trip's focus is on the Washington Park area.  This area alone poses enough fun for a weekend or frequent visits throughout the summer.  I had a great day, and I didn't even tap into some of the larger features such as the zoo and the currently running Michigan City festival. 

Michigan City beach
Click for larger view.

I usually begin my visits to M.C. at the beach.  Who can resist?  Even if you're not a sun worshipper, it's worth the stop just for the view, the sand between your toes, and that initial shock of cold water that quickly resolves to a soothing effect. 

And a walk along the beach is just one big invitation to stroll to the only operating lighthouse in Indiana.  This is the ideal area to take your time and take in the wonderful view.  It seems this summer has produced some wonderful blue skies and blue water for Lake Michigan.  Bring your camera... if anything to document and show off to your non-Northwest Indiana dwelling friends what they're missing out on.

Historic Lighthouse
Click for larger view.

A walk back toward land from the operating lighthouse offers a view of the docked boats and leads you to the old lighthouse, which now serves as a museum.  Even if you're not one of those people who gets mushy and romantic about lighthouses, you'll surely appreciate this one.

An attractive recent addition to Michigan City, and serving as an impressive "front yard" for the old lighthouse, is Millennium Plaza, which commemorates the new millennium.  The developers of this area did well in paying attention to the details.  What a pleasant facility:  It's a great place to watch the boats pass under the draw bridge of listen to the water and surroundings.  This plaza appears to be capable of hosting festive affairs, with an outdoor amphitheater of sorts, lots of attractively landscaped space this spot begs to be visited and utilized.  

mc_wtrpnd6_01.jpg (81087 bytes)
Click for larger view.

There are other great spots in the Washington Park and lake side areas that are ideal for appreciating:  a historic bandstand, war memorials, even an elaborate water garden (partially pictured at left).  This water garden may be one of the lesser-viewed features of the lakeside area, but it serves as a splendid example of the elaborate attention to detail that apparently is a signature of Michigan City.  

Take a stroll around the Washington Park area of Michigan City and see what I mean.  Even if you live in Michigan City or visit it on a regular basis, it seems everywhere you turn there is something to catch your eye and to enjoy.

Article written July 16, 2001